DBTR 10k Provisional Results

Amended results now attached, sorry about the slight hiccup, hopefully results are now correct.

Many thanks for a great turnout for todays races, and the positive feedback, a lot of happy faces out there today throughout the field, we hope that you enjoyed the event, well done everyone. Here are the provisional results so that you can at least check your own time, sorry that it's taken a bit longer than usual. We need your feedback as we know we need to amend a few times/positions, if you spot an error please let us know and we will correct this as soon as we can. Hopefully we will see you all next year.

DBTR 2017 amended results 060317

Cambuslang Harriers come out on top again. National XC Report

Cambuslang Harriers were well represented at Callendar Park Falkirk on Saturday at the Scottish Cross Country Championships.  The conditions facing the athletes were very testing with the existing muddy conditions becoming even muddier as the various age group races progressed.








Pride of place goes to the Cambuslang male athletes across the 5 different age groups – U13/15/17/20 and seniors.  Points are awarded to a club's team in each age group and the club with the lowest overall score is awarded the AT Mays Trophy.  The club was delighted to retain the trophy for the 6th consecutive year and indeed Cambuslang has the proud record of winning this trophy for the best male cross country club in Scotland on 22 of the possible 29 occasions.  This is an incredible achievement and a huge vote of thanks is due to the athletes, club coaches, officials and parent volunteers.








The U13 male team of Fearghus MacGregor, Robbie Woods, Stewart Millard and Mark Cassidy finished 12th team in the opening race.  Christopher McLew in finishing a superb 2nd with Ruairidh MacGregor an excellent 8th led Brodie Aitken and Keir Crawford to U15 team silver.  With the leader from Giffnock North taking the lead from the start Christopher ran a clever tactical race to run with the chasing pack before unleashing a fierce fast finish to clinch 2nd place. The U17 quartet of Drew Pollock, Eamon Carr, Ryan Stephen and Andrew Carey took 5th place.  Struan Paton was unfortunate to take unwell in the second half of the race while jostling for 5th position and was forced to drop out.  The U20 squad of Craig Jardine, Gavin Smith, Scott Sommerville and Scott McKay picked up another team silver award for the club.  Craig spearheaded the team well to take 6th spot and was only 14 seconds away from winning the bronze medal. The senior men rounded off the day nicely with team bronze thanks to first year senior Ryan Thomson who was 15th from 647 finishers, club captain Iain Reid, veteran runner Robert Gilroy, Stuart Gibson, and the two Campbells, Alasdair and Alistair.  Spare a thought for the unlucky Stan MacKenzie whose race ended in the opening seconds of the race when he was accidentally tripped and spiked in the mad scramble at the start.  There was an encouraging performance from Willie Macrury who just missed out on a team medal in his first race since November due to injury.  Colin Reilly in his first season with the club confirmed his potential in finishing in 70th position followed closely by Ritchie Carr and Kyle McLellan.  It was good to see Kyle turning out for the club as his training and racing have been heavily curtailed while he has been pursuing his junior doctor career in Dundee.   Hopefully when he comes to Glasgow in August to take up a 4 year GP training course Kyle will be able to train with the club athletes and compete more regularly.  Master O40 runner Johny MacNamara in 85th spot showed a welcome return to form having been concentrating on the Iron Man event for the last few seasons.  Ben Hukins was our 12th and final runner to be inside the top 100 with Justin Carter narrowly missing out in 104th place.  In spite of a number of call offs due to injury and illness 27 runners from the club finished.







There were also some good performances by the club’s female athletes.  Niamh Riggins in a very creditable 20th place out of 140 finishers with support from Millie Nicholl, Shona Carey and Eilidh Kennedy were 10th U13 team while the U15 team of Christie Dalgleish, Chloe Burton, Kelly McCutcheon and Carla Fay were 13th.  U20 Eve Mackinnon was a solid 6th in her race. The senior ladies turned in the club’s best female team performance of the day to gain 9th place.  Alex Lamond in 54th spot out of 269 finishers was followed home in quick succession by Kirsty O’Brien, Bernie O’Neil and Jennifer Reid, all of whom made the top 100. The first master lady over 60 Erica Christie who was just outside the top 100 and newcomer Lesley McArdle in 140th position were our other 2 finishers.  Like Colin Reilly in the men’s race Lesley was an unattached runner who only joined Cambuslang after running in the club’s annual 10K race last March.  Both have shown how progress can be made through a conscientious attitude to training and consistent training with a group.









The club would like to thank the efforts of our athletes, coaches, officials and parent helpers who all played their part in making it a successful day yet again for Cambuslang Harriers at the Scottish Cross Country Championships.  Unfortunately 2 of the longstanding club coaches were not able to be present to witness and support the club athletes with Owen Reid in hospital and Robert Anderson in Australia.  Everyone at the club wishes Owen well in his recovery.  The efforts of Barnie Gough and Stuart Miller in setting up the 2 club tents on such a windy and wet day were well appreciated.  As usual Colin Stephen was there to vividly capture on camera the joy and agony of our athletes either gliding over or ploughing through the mud.













David Cooney

DBTR 10k last minute info / entrant list

Please bear in mind the works at Ballieston Junction, J2 M74 near Cambuslang and other works, see http://trafficscotland.org/

The 10k will start at 11am prompt, and, as the clubhouse is a 1 mile jog from the start/finish please arrive in plenty of time to pick up your number, and to make your way to the start.
Please note, the registration desk will close at 10:15!
Some club members, who are also taking part in the race, will be acting as guides to the start for those who do not know the area, more information will be posted in the clubhouse on Sunday.

Parking; please be aware that there is *no parking at the start/finish*, and there is no parking on the BOC service road that runs parallel to Bogleshole Rd. If you must take your car down, please only park on Clydesmill Road and Clydesmill Drive, in the industrial estate (and not on Cambuslang Rd as this is part of the course, see the start-clubhouse map below).

Although the majority of the race is on the Clyde Walkway the first and last sections are on pavement alongside a potentially busy road so please take extra care at the start and the finish.
Water and bananas will be available at the finish.
After the race we plan to have the results and prize giving at the clubhouse for around 12:45pm where there will be tea/coffee and food available for free

address of the clubhouse is
Coats Park,
Langlea Road,
G72 8HG

If the clubhouse car park is busy there is additional parking at Cathkin High School 400m further along Langlea rd, off the roundabout.





Start List:-

Race No. Forename Surname Sex Age Grp Club
1 Stevie Adams M MV50 Unattached
2 Jooyce Allardice F FV50 Motherwell Ac
3 Patricia Allen F FV60 Motherwell Ac
4 Kirsty Anderson F FSnr Cambuslang Harriers
5 Duncan Anderson M MSnr Unattached
6 Heather Angelopoulos F FV50 Unattached
7 Lynn Angely F FV40 Cambuslang Harriers 
8 David Angus M MSnr Unattached
9 Hazel Bain F FSnr Unattached
10 Gavin Bain M MV50 Unattached
11 Alison Banks F FV50 Unattached
12 Ailsa Barker F FSnr Unattached
13 Michael Barker M MV40 Cambuslang Harriers
14 Wayne Barlow M MV40 Unattached
15 Simon Barlow M MV40 Central AC
16 Richard Beaton M MV50 Unattached
17 Wright Beveridge M MV40 Ph Racing Club
18 Adrian Bickerstaff M MV40 Unattached
19 Ross Bickerstaff M MV50 Hamilton Harriers 
20 Paul Blackler M MSnr Unattached
21 Peter Blackmore M MV40 Motherwell Ac
22 Scott Blyth M MSnr Unattached
23 Andrew Bonner M MSnr Giffnock North
24 John Boyd M MV50 Calderglen Harriers
25 Daniel Bradford M MSnr Shettleston Harriers
26 John Brogan M MV40 Airdrie Harriers 
27 Jen Brown F FSnr Unattached
28 Natalie Brown F FSnr Ph Racing Club
29 Scott Brown M MV40 Unattached
30 Sharon Bruce F FV40 Unattached
31 Lorraine Buchanan F FSnr Calderglen Harriers
32 Andrew J Buchanan M MSnr Calderglen Harriers
33 Daniel Burns M MSnr Garscube Harriers
34 Paul Burns M MSnr Unattached
35 Gerry Burns M MV40 Unattached
36 Rachael Bushfield F FSnr Inverclyde Ac
37 David Butcher M MV40 Hamilton Harriers
38 Shaun Butler M MSnr Cambuslang Harriers 
39 Alison Cairns F FV40 Bellahouston Harriers
40 Arthur Calnan M MSnr Unattached
41 Ewen Cameron M MSnr Motherwell Ac
42 Allan Cameron M MV40 Motherwell Ac
43 Niall Campbell M MSnr Strathclyde Uni Harriers
44 Iain Paul Campbell M MV40 Unattached
45 Richard Carr M MSnr Cambuslang Harriers
46 Laura-Anne Carroll F FSnr Unattached
47 Iain Carroll M MSnr Giffnock North
48 Iain Carroll M MV40 Unattached
49 John Cassells M MV40 Ph Racing Club
50 Luke Chamberlain M MV40 Giffnock North
51 Iain Chisholm M MV50 Airdrie Harriers
52 Erica Christie F FV60 Cambuslang Harriers
53 Andrew Cochran M MV40 Unattached
54 Peter Condron M MSnr Unattached
55 Kay Conneff F FV40 Calderglen Harriers
56 Scott Coulter M MSnr Maryhill Harriers
57 Russell Couper M MV50 Calderglen Harriers
58 James Courtney M MV40 Unattached
59 Julie Coyle F FV40 Unattached
60 Jennifer Coyle F FV40 Unattached
61 Christopher Crawford M MSnr Unattached
62 Mark Creasey M MV40 Unattached
63 Jon Cross M MV40 Unattached
64 Marc Cummings M MV40 Airdrie Harriers
65 Jamie Cunningham M MSnr Hamilton Harriers
66 Lindsey Currie F FV40 Dumbarton Aac
67 John Dalton M MV50 Scottish Athletic 
68 Jan Yves Daniel M MV50 Unattached
69 Ian Davey M MSnr Airdrie Harriers
70 David Dawson M MV50 Hamilton Harriers
71 Harriet De Wet F FSnr Unattached
72 Matthew Dickie M MSnr Unattached
73 Scott Dickson M MSnr Motherwell Ac
74 Des Dickson M MV50 Cambuslang Harriers
75 Paul Dobbin M MSnr Unattached
76 Brendan Docherty M MV40 Clyderunners
77 Maria Doherty F FV50 Jogscotland
78 Robert Doherty M MV50 Unattached
79 Mark Donnelly M MSnr Unattached
80 Brian Douglas M MV40 Cambuslang Harriers
81 Lisa Doyle F FSnr Victoria Park Glasgow 
82 Connell Drummond M MV40 Kilmarnock Harriers
83 Arthur Duggan M MV40 Motherwell Ac
84 Kevin Durnian M MSnr Motherwell Ac
85 Steven Eaglesham M MSnr Ayr Seaforth
86 Sandy Eaglesham M MV60 Cambuslang Harriers
87 Frances Ferguson F FV50 Calderglen Harriers
88 Donald Ferguson M MSnr Bellahouston Harriers
89 Billy Ferguson M MV50 Bellahouston Harriers
90 Kenny Finlayson M MV40 Cambuslang Harriers
91 Paul Fisher M MSnr Unattached
92 Sally Fitzpatrick F FV40 Strathaven Striders
93 George Fox M MV50 Unattached
94 Simon Fraser M MSnr Hamilton Harriers
95 Ian Fyfe M MV50 Unattached
96 Mark Gallacher M MV40 Motherwell Ac
97 Andrew Galloway M MSnr Unattached
98 David Gardiner M MV40 Motherwell Ac
99 Hugh Gardiner M MV50 Unattached
100 Simon Gay M MV40 Unattached
101 David Gibson M MSnr Unattached
102 Stuart Gibson M MSnr Cambuslang Harriers
103 Alison Gilchrist F FV40 Motherwell Ac
104 Isabel Gillespie F FJnr Unattached
105 Neil Gillespie M MV50 Unattached
106 Robert Gilroy M MV40 Cambuslang Harriers
107 Alastair Goudie M MV50 Bellahouston Road R
108 Ian Goudie M MV50 Unattached
109 Margaret Grace F FSnr Unattached
110 Fiona Grant F FSnr Unattached
111 Ross Greig M MSnr Unattached
112 Fiona Greig F FSnr Unattached
113 Simon Grieshaber M MV50 Perth Road Runners
114 Jude Grieve F FSnr Unattached
115 Jim Gunn M MV40 Unattached
116 Shazad Hakeem M MSnr Cambuslang Harriers
117 Tony Hamilton M MV40 Unattached
118 Michael Hampson M MV50 Giffnock North
119 Alexandra Hayden F FSnr Calderglen Harriers
120 Nigel Hetherington M MV50 Motherwell Ac
121 Gavin Highgate M MV40 Kilbarchan Aac
122 Steven Hill M MSnr Kilbarchan Aac
123 Benjamin Hindley M MJnr Strathcylde Uni Harriers
124 Barbara Hogg F FV40 Motherwell Ac
125 Jim Holmes M MV40 Calderglen Harriers
126 Martin Howell M MV40 Calderglen Harriers
127 Deirdre Hoyle F FV60 Bellahouston Harriers
128 Tony Hughes M MV50 Unattached
129 Brian Hughes M MV60 Glasgow South Road R
130 Ben Hukins M MSnr Cambuslang Harriers
131 Alan Hume M MV40 Central AC
132 Scott Hunter M MV40 Cambuslang Harriers
133 Frank Hurley M MV60 Cambuslang Harriers
134 Elaine Jamieson F FV40 Motherwell Ac
135 Anthony L Jannetta M MSnr Bellahouston Road R
136 Andy Jay M MSnr Unattached
137 Laura Johnston F FSnr Dumbarton Aac
138 Sharon Johnston F FV40 Unattached
139 Ian Robert Johnston M MV50 Ph Racing Club
140 James Jones M MSnr Unattached
141 Darren Jubb M MSnr Ph Racing Club
142 Ade Kearns M MV50 Garscube Harriers
143 Charlene Kelly F FSnr Dumbarton Aac
144 Paul Kelly M MSnr Dumbarton Aac
145 John Kelly M MV40 Cambuslang Harriers
146 David Kelly M MV50 Hamilton Harriers
147 Karen Kennedy F FV40 Ph Racing Club
148 Graeme Kennedy M MV50 Motherwell Ac
149 Paul Kernohan M MSnr Cambuslang Harriers
150 Ian Kerr M MV60 Unattached
151 Mark King M MV40 Unattached
152 Michael Kirwan M MV50 Glasgow South Road R
153 Colin Langan M MSnr Springburn Harriers 
154 Tommy Lawrence M MV40 Scottish Athletics 
155 Cheryl Lawson F FSnr Unattached
156 Richard Lawton M MV40 Calderglen Harriers
157 Jane Leavey F FSnr Unattached
158 Andrew Lee M MSnr Ph Racing Club
159 Susan Leese F FV50 Unattached
160 Tomas Lennon M MV40 Unattached
161 Colin Leslie M MV40 Unattached
162 David Lockhart M MSnr Bellahouston Road R
163 Fraser Logan M MSnr Belgrave Harriers
164 Martha Lovatt F FSnr Garscube Harriers 
165 Scott Love M MSnr Ph Racing Club
166 Nikki Lyons F FSnr Dumbarton Aac
167 Ross Macdonald M MSnr Law & District
168 Christopher Macdonald M MSnr Motherwell Ac
169 Fiona Macfarlane F FV60 Unattached
170 Stuart Mackay M MSnr Ph Racing Club
171 Alan Mackay M MV40 Falkirk Victoria
172 David Mackintosh M MSnr Bellahouston Harriers
173 John Maclean M MSnr Unattached
174 Jayne Macnamara F FV40 Bellahouston Harriers 
175 John Macnamara M MV40 Cambuslang Harriers
176 Johnny Mair M MV60 Unattached
177 Angela Malcolm F FV40 Motherwell Ac
178 Sharon Mars F FSnr Unattached
179 Lesley Marshall F FSnr Hamilton Harriers
180 Debbie Martin F FSnr Unattached
181 Gerard Mason M MV50 Shettleston Harriers
182 Hugh McAloon M MSnr Unattached
183 Murray Mcalpine M MSnr Hamilton Harriers
184 Lesley Mcardle F FSnr Cambuslang Harriers
185 Paula McCabe F FSnr Cambuslang Harriers
186 Gillian Mccaffer F FV40 Motherwell Ac 
187 Jenna Mccallion F FSnr Ukrunchat RC
188 Steven Mccaw M MSnr Motherwell Ac
189 Stephen Mcclean M MSnr Unattached
190 Stephen Mccrorie M MV40 Ayr Seaforth
191 Scott Mccue M MSnr Bellahouston Road R
192 Kara Mccurrach F FSnr Metro Aberdeen
193 Scott Mcdermott M MV40 Motherwell Ac
194 Iain Mcdonald M MSnr Unattached
195 Graham Mcewan M MV40 Motherwell Ac
196 Gillian McGale F FV40 Springburn Harriers
197 Anthony McGale M MV40 Springburn Harriers
198 Brian Mcgibbon M MV50 Whitemoss Aac
199 Chris Mcguire M MSnr Unattached
200 Gordon Mcinally M MV50 Calderglen Harriers
201 Michelle Mclaughlin F FSnr Unattached
202 Ross Mclean M MV40 Motherwell Ac
203 Brian Mclinden M MV60 Motherwell Ac
204 Christine Mcmenemy F FV50 Airdrie Harriers
205 David Mcmillan M MSnr Unattached
206 Kevin Mcmillan M MSnr Unattached
207 Tom Mcmillan M MV60 Unattached
208 George Mcnaughton M MV50 Unattached
209 Ian Mcneish M MSnr Cambuslang Harriers
210 Kevin Mcphillips M MV40 Motherwell Ac
211 Kieran Mcquade M MSnr Dumbarton Aac
212 Darren Mcquade M MSnr Bellahouston Harriers
213 Tommy Mcravey M MSnr Unattached
214 Claire Mennie F FV40 Cambuslang Harriers 
215 Jason Miles-Campbell M MV40 Hamilton Harriers
216 Hilary Millar F FV50 Giffnock North
217 Ally Millar M MSnr Unattached
218 Derek Millar M MV40 Unattached
219 Wallace Mitchell M MSnr Unattached
220 Daniel Monaghan M MSnr Ph Racing Club
221 Lauren Mooney F FSnr Unattached
222 Laura Mooney F FSnr Unattached
223 Allan Mooney M MV40 Unattached
224 Sinead Mordue F FV40 Unattached
225 Brian Morris M MV40 Lothian Running Club
226 Robert Morrison M MV50 Garscube Harriers
227 David Morrow M MSnr Unattached
228 Seonaid Morton F FSnr Unattached
229 Ian Morton M MSnr Unattached
230 Andrew Mostyn M MSnr Unattached
231 Caroline Muir F FV40 Unattached
232 Ishbel Muir F FV60 Unattached
233 Craig Muir M MSnr Unattached
234 Emma Murphy F FSnr Unattached
235 Ross Murphy M MSnr Unattached
236 John Paul Murphy M MSnr Unattached
237 David Murphy M MV40 Shettleston Harriers
238 Annette Murray F FV40 Unattached
239 Mike Murray M MV60 Lothian Running Club
240 Kenneth Neill M MSnr Ayr Seaforth    
241 Greig Neilson M MV40 Unattached
242 Kevin Newberry M MV50 SVHC
243 Ed Norton M MV60 Ph Racing Club
244 Paul O'Brien M MV60 Garscube Harriers
245 Daniel O'Connell M MV50 Cambuslang Harriers
246 Marion O'Connor F FV50 Unattached
247 Peter Ogden M MV60 Cambuslang Harriers
248 Michael O'Hagan M MV40 Cambuslang Harriers
249 Jane Oliver F FV50 Deeside Runners
250 John Oliver M MV50 Unattached
251 David Oliver M MV50 Deeside Runners
252 Bernadette O'Neil F FV40 Cambuslang Harriers
253 Pamela Parker F FV50 Kirkintilloch Olympians
254 Moira Paterson F FV40 Unattached
255 Audrey Paton F FV40 Unattached
256 Chris Paton M MV40 Unattached
257 Jonathan Peebles M MSnr Ph Racing Club
258 Barbara Philipsz F FV40 Unattached
259 Steven Phillips M MSnr Airdrie Harriers
260 Andrea Piacentini M MV40 Unattached
261 Craig Pollock M MV40 Unattached
262 James Proffitt M MV50 Motherwell Ac
263 Harry Pulham M MSnr Unattached
264 Stephen Purvis M MV40 Airdrie Harriers
265 Gordon Rae M MSnr Unattached
266 Iain Ramsay M MV40 Unattached
267 Holly Rankin F FSnr Unattached
268 John Redshaw M MV50 Jogscotland
269 Andre Reibig M MV40 Stirling
270 Iain Reid M MSnr Cambuslang Harriers
271 Colin Reilly M MSnr Cambuslang Harriers
272 Neil Richardson M MV40 Motherwell Ac
273 Gary Richardson M MV40 Unattached
274 Emma Roberts F FJnr Unattached
275 Gordon Robertson M MSnr Cambuslang Harriers
276 Marie-T Rodgers F FV40 Airdrie Harriers
277 Jennifer Rooney F FSnr Kilbarchan Aac
278 Linda Rooney F FV50 Unattached
279 Steven Rooney M MSnr Unattached
280 Paul Rooney M MV40 Calderglen Harriers
281 Allan Rooney M MV40 Unattached
282 Jo Roxburgh F FSnr Unattached
283 Peter Ryan M MV60 Unattached
284 Nicola Saunders F FSnr Unattached
285 David Scott M MSnr Cambuslang Harriers
286 Andrew Scott M MV50 Unattached
287 Joanne Sefton F FSnr Unattached
288 Robert Sellar M MV40 Ph Racing Club
289 Helen Shaw F FV50 Unattached
290 Catherine Sheridan F FSnr Unattached
291 Mhairi Simpson F FV40 Falkirk Victoria
292 David Simpson M MV40 Unattached
293 Ross Sinclair M MSnr Unattached
294 Derek Sinclair M MV40 Unattached
295 Michelle Sinsheimer F FSnr Unattached
296 Kathryn Sinsheimer F FV50 Unattached
297 Angie Sleep F FV40 Unattached
298 Martin Sleep M MV50 Unattached
299 Gill Smith F FSnr Unattached
300 Daniel Smith M MJnr Ph Racing Club
301 Peter Smith M MSnr Unattached
302 Simon Smith M MSnr Unattached
303 Thomas Sneddon M MV40 Motherwell Ac
304 John Softley M MV60 Bellahouston Harriers
305 Colin Somerville M MSnr Ph Racing Club
306 Paul Sorrie M MSnr Shettleston Harriers
307 Louise Speirs F FSnr Motherwell AC
308 Andrew Steel M MSnr Unattached
309 Colette Stephen F FSnr Unattached
310 Seonaid Stewart F FSnr Unattached
311 Catherine Stewart F FSnr Kilbarchan Aac
312 Susan Stewart F FSnr Motherwell Ac
313 Hazel Stewart F FSnr Unattached
314 Fraser Stewart M MSnr Unattached
315 David Stirling M MV40 Cambuslang Harriers
316 Philip Sweeney M MSnr Central AC
317 Lorraine Taylor F FSnr Unattached
318 Cameron Telford M MSnr Unattached
319 Julie Thomson F FSnr Calderglen Harriers
320 Ryan Thomson M MSnr Cambuslang Harriers
321 Ross Thomson M MSnr Motherwell Ac
322 Kerri Todd F FV40 Unattached
323 Stephen Tominey M MV50 Scottish Athletics 
324 Jim Tracey M MV60 Motherwell Ac
325 Andrew Turnbull M MSnr Unattached
326 Paul Turnbull M MV50 Ayr Seaforth    
327 Dougie Waddell M MV50 Motherwell Ac
328 Ryan Waldron M MSnr Kilbarchan Aac
329 Gerinta Walker F FSnr Hamilton Harriers 
330 Alick Walkinshaw M MV50 Cambuslang Harriers
331 Clare Waters F FV40 Unattached
332 Stuart Waugh M MV60 Calderglen Harriers
333 Kenny Weir M MV60 Unattached
334 Mary Western F FV50 Ph Racing Club
335 Mark Western M MV50 Falkland Trail Runners
336 John Whale M MV50 Unattached
337 Jackie Wheeler M MV40 Unattached
338 Pamela White F FSnr Unattached
339 Rebecca Whitener F FSnr Bellahouston Harriers
340 Marcus Whyte M MSnr Motherwell Ac
341 Helen Wilkinson F FSnr Unattached
342 Susan Wilson F FSnr Unattached
343 Scott Wilson M MSnr Unattached
344 John Wilson M MSnr Unattached
345 Alison Wood F FSnr Garscube Harriers
346 Nicola Wood F FSnr Unattached
347 Gary Wood M MSnr Motherwell Ac
348 Paul Young M MSnr Unattached

Down By The River Races – 10k now Full

down by the river 10k is now full, book early next year to avoid disappointment

to those who have entered, enjoy the day I hope the weather is kind, and remember arrive in good time at the Rugby and sports club (G72 8HG) as the start/fininsh is a gentle 1 mile jog away.

there is no parking at the start/finish.

map of the course and location of the clubhouse (blue) and start/finish (red)  below

see you on the day


Cambuslang Harriers successfully retained their M40 and M50 team titles at Dundee on 28th January.  The odds for the M40s holding onto their team title were not favourable with the first 3 runners in last year’s championship, Kenny Campbell, Kerry-Liam Wilson and Jamie Reid unavailable due to injury and in the case of Kerry-Liam an accident sustained at work a few days previously.  In addition, 2016 4th counter Greg Hastie was also ruled out.  

However, determined running and excellent team spirit saw Robert Gilroy 2nd, Frank McGowan 14th, Justin Carter 21st and M55 Colin Donnelly 23rd pip Corstorphine on count back.  Both teams tied on 60 points but our last counter had finished ahead of their last counter.  It was fitting that Frank for getting back into shape after a debilitating injury and Justin for his recent consistent performances should share in this team triumph.  Our 5th finisher M50 Stan MacKenzie played his part too in the M40 team victory by also finishing ahead of their last counter.  While not being a counter for the M40 team Stan had the satisfaction of leading the M50 team to a decisive victory with strong support from M60 Eddie Stewart and fellow M50 Chris Upson.

These 2 team victories continued Cambuslang’s long run of team success in this competition.  The over 40s have amassed 17 gold, 7 silver and 3 bronze over the last 30 years while the over 50s have won that age category on 6 out of 7 possible occasions since its inception.

Cambuslang were also rewarded with a number of individual medals across the age groups.  Robert was just pipped for the M40 gold in the sprint to the line by new master Jethro Lennox of Shettleston.  Stan won M50 bronze and Colin D M55 gold having previously won titles in the M40/45/50 age groups.  It was encouraging to see Colin continue his comeback after a persistent knee problem.  Eddie actually went one better than Colin in lifting the M60 title to add to his earlier wins across the 40/45/50/55 age groups.  His journey from Prague was therefore worthwhile.  When at his peak and a Scottish internationalist Eddie was always a light trainer averaging only 30 miles a week.  Nowadays he only runs 3 days a week but he reckons his active job as a gardener supplements his training.  

Paul Thompson and Frank Hurley were worthy silver and bronze medallists in the M60 category.

The club fielded a ladies team in this event for the first time and Jennifer Reid, Bernie O’Neil and Claire Mennie finished a very creditable 5th in the team event.  Alongside the ladies M65 runners Peter Ogden and Iain Burke gave good accounts of themselves.

The club was well represented in the M40 to 60 event with the finishing order of our runners not already mentioned as follows Johnny MacNamara, Brian Douglas, Michael Barker, Alick Walkinshaw, Dave Thom, Mick O’Hagan, Tony McCutcheon, Colin Feechan, Scott Hunter and Frankie Barton.

Colin F deserves thanks for combining the double role of team manager and competitor which is not an easy task when you have 24 runners taking part.  The assistance Kenny gave to Colin was also appreciated.  It was however unfortunate, that Kenny could only watch from the sidelines and not have the chance to defend his M40 title.

David Cooney, photos Alan Ramage



In spite of a number of late changes due to injuries the Cambuslang Harriers M35 and M50 teams managed to win their respective age groups while the W35 team finished a creditable 5th.

After finishing a close 2nd on the opening leg thanks to Gordon Robertson (19.05), Iain Reid‘s 18.57 clocking took the club into the lead.  Ben Hukins (19.27), the day after his hill relay, extended the lead to give Robert Gilroy the glory leg.  Robert’s time of 18.40 was the fastest of the day to give Cambuslang a commanding victory of almost 4 minutes over new club PHRC.  The M50 team of Des Dickson (21.26), Colin Feechan (21.36), Dave Thom (21.57) and Chris Upson (20.49) were tested more with Shettleston just behind them going into the last leg.  However, in spite of Chris still having the previous day’s hill run in his legs he opened up a decisive gap over our local Lanarkshire rivals.  Our ladies trio of Bernie O’Neil (24.11), Erica Christie (25.00) and Jennifer Reid 23.50 combined well to achieve 5th place in a highly competitive ladies’ competition.  The ladies B team’s times were very close together with Claire Mennie recording 26.03, Julie Dell 26.04 and Lyn Angley 26.13 to give them a 10th place finish.

There were many other good performances from the club with the B M35 team of Frank McGowan, Brian Douglas, Paul Kernohan and Justin Carter and the M50 team of Alick Walkinshaw, Frank Hurley, Dan O'Connell and Eddie Carr being the first B teams in their age groups over the line.  The other 2 full teams of Michael Barker, Brian Campbell, Simon Gold and Mick O'Hagan along with Shaz Hakeem, Scott Hunter, John Kelly and David Stirling also competed well while due to the call offs Iain Burke had no one to hand over to after his first leg run.

Apart from having a good turnout of runners it was also encouraging to have numerous supporters including a number of our younger runners to cheer on the “old yins”.  Many thanks again to Colin Stephen who captured all our runners in action.

David Cooney

Devil’s Burden Hill Relay

Cambuslang Harriers took part for the second time only in the Devil Burden’s Hill Relay held at Falkland on the 21st January and were rewarded with an excellent 3rd place behind the more experienced hill running clubs of Shettleston and HBT.  Although there are only 4 stages 6 runners are required as the two middle legs are run in pairs.   Team manager Chris Upson managed to put together a team in spite of pre race doubts about a few runners due to injuries, colds and travel plans. 








Chris elected to do the opening leg of 7.5K with 220m of ascent and brought the club home in a very respectable 8th place.  Alasdair Campbell and Ben Hukins ran strongly in the misty conditions to pull in a few places running the 3rd fastest stage time for the 10k/680m leg.  Alasdair had recently shown good form on the hills in finishing 3rd from a strong field in the Tinto Hill race while Ben has had a successful summer trail running season.  They handed over to former club captain Iain MacCorquodale whose recent training and racing have been severely curtailed due to injury and to Colin Donnelly, multi hill running champion at Scottish, UK, European and World senior and master levels.  Unfortunately Colin too has been recently sidelined due to injury and on the day was suffering from a heavy cold.  Nevertheless, they stuck manfully to their task over the longest stage of 11.5k with 410m of ascent to give our final team member the chance to chase the teams immediately in front.  Joshua Boyle, although still an under 17 athlete has twice represented the UK U20 hill running team, ran a storming leg over 5K/390m to bring the club home in a surprise 3rd place.  This was a remarkable run by Joshua as he had only returned the day before from Dubai and then had driven up with his parents James and Helen from their home in the north of England on the morning of the race.

Great team commitment and excellent organisation by Chris had been duly rewarded.  However, both Chris and Ben now had the masters’ road relay around Strathclyde Park to face the next day which would test their powers of recovery.

David Cooney

Xmas Handicap results



1. Ritchie Carr 16:19 (11:59)
2. Paul Kernohan 16:35 (12:55)
3. Julie Dell 16:51 (15:41)

Fastest Times
M. Al Campbell 11:18
F. Bernie O'Neil 14:38

U20 Gavin Smith 11:39
U17 Drew Pollok 12:05
U15 Ruraidh McGregor 13:12

2k race


1. Sam Riggins 9:51 (9:51)
2. Morven Crawford 10:12 (9:42)
3. Calum Gray 10:22 (10:02)

2.3k race

Sean Friel 11:15 (8:45)
Niamh Riggins 11:19 (9:39)
Caolan Millard 11:23 (9:13)

full results below









































Club Xmas Handicap Sat 17th Dec

Club house open at 11.00 am for 12.00 start.

U11 and first year U13 2K at 12.00.

2nd year U13/U15/ 2.6K at 12.10.

U17/U20/Seniors/Masters 4K at 12.10.

U20/Seniors/Masters should bring a prize to the value of £5.

Presentations to take place at 1.30 pm approx.

Meal due to start at 2.00 pm.

Help on the day with the race would be welcome from anyone not running. Please let Robert/Mike/Owen know on the day or beforehand if you can assist.

Wishing everyone a good performance in the run and a most enjoyable Xmas lunch. As previously mentioned I will unfortunately not be there due to a longstanding family commitment in Edinburgh.

David C

Holiday Training

The clubhouse will be closed from Saturday 24th December until Thursday 5th January 2017.

This does not mean we are on holiday, hopefully it will give people the chance to do more.

Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day and Monday 2nd January there will be no group training.

All week days there will be training at our portacabin located on the rugby fields. All weekday training will commence at 10:00am with weekends staying as they currently are now.

Also, Tuesday and Thursday evenings will be still be at 6:45pm but meeting at the postacabin instead of the clubhouse. Please note the portacabin has lights and a gas fire inside.