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  • Who are Cambuslang Harriers?

    Cambuslang Harriers, since its formation in 1948, has become one of the premier cross country and road running clubs across all age groups in Scotland. We also have a very talented girls and ladies group who now regularly win major team honours.

    DBTR 10k Provisional Results

    Amended results now attached, sorry about the slight hiccup, hopefully results are now correct.

    Many thanks for a great turnout for todays races, and the positive feedback, a lot of happy faces out there today throughout the field, we hope that you enjoyed the event, well done everyone. Here are the provisional results so that you can at least check your own time, sorry that it's taken a bit longer than usual. We need your feedback as we know we need to amend a few times/positions, if you spot an error please let us know and we will correct this as soon as we can. Hopefully we will see you all next year.

    DBTR 2017 amended results 060317

    9 responses to “DBTR 10k Provisional Results”

    1. Jason Miles-Campbell says:

      I think there's an error with the results of myself (Bib 215, Jason Miles-Campbell) and Lesley Marshall (Bib 179). We pretty much dead-heated (photo at, and by my Garmin, I suspect we should be in places 225 and 226 (not 221 and 223 as currently). There certainly wasn't anyone between us, and certainly not 10 seconds).

      Thanks for a great race!  Cheers, Jason

    2. Tony Hamilton says:

      bib no 117. I finished in splendid isolation not one second behind the female in front of me. My time was 51.35 on the watch.

    3. Stephen Purvis says:

      Hi, I've posted twice but can't see my posts here. I ran yesterday finishing in 45:13 which has come up as unknown number. My strava results are here: My name is Stephen Purvis and my bib number is 264. Can you please update your results? Thanks.

    4. Hazel Stewart says:

      I think my results are incorrect also. I was number 313 and I'm sure that I came in at  position 198, 50.05, not the faster time of 48.57.

      • ColinF says:

        Thanks Hazel, your time is now showing as 50:05 as we have inserted a few missing athletes, amended results to be posted later today.

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