Club Presentation Day Relay Races Results

Individual times from todays races that preceded the Club Awards

Young Athletes 2k
Keir Crawford       7:02
Michael Black       7:30
Fearghus MacGregor    7:34
Niamh Riggins     7:35
Robbie Woods    7:41
Liam Angeley     7:55
Christie Dalgliesh    8:01
Lauren McEwan     8:01
Callum Young     8:08
Millie Nichol      8:15
Ian Crawford    8:16
Lynne Angeley  8:17
Eilidh Kennedy     8:24
Lewis Roddis    8:30
Hannah Lang     8:32
Millie O'Donnell     9:26
Cara McDowell    9:58
Morven Crawford     10:31
Eloise Burke    13:00


Senior 3.68k
Gavin Smith     11:49
Iain Reid        11:53
Brian Douglas      12:38
Jaz Pal              12:48
Ryan Stephen      12:56
Colin Feechan    13:04
Dan O'Connell    13:13
Dew Pollok     13:18
Ian Nicholl     13:20
Paul Thompson    13:23
Des Dickson    13:25
Simon Gold     13:28
Mick O'Hagan   13:32
Stephen Phillips     13:35
Paul Kernohan    13:36
Tony McCutcheon    13:48
Alec Lamond       13:51
Kenny Finlayson   13:59
Frank Hurley     14:07
Dave Thom    14:31
Willie Fairley     14:36
Angus Smith   15:04
David Stirling   16:09

First three Ballot Teams will be added later, along with some photos 

Club Relays and Awards Presentation 11th June

Hi All,

the club is holding it's annual awards presentation at 2:00pm on 11th June in the club function suite, with a buffet being served at 3:00pm. The cost of the buffet is £5 per individual, £10 for two and thereafter there are some family concessions such as £14 for three, £18 for 4 and so on.

Prior to the presentation the club will be holding a road relay event with younger and older athletes competing together. This even will start at midday but athletes should arrive for  11:30am at latest, so that teams can be drawn up. Parents of younger athletes; hopefully your son or daughter will be able to support both events and that you yourself can attend both these events, or just the presentation itself.

Can you please inform one of the following – David C, Pamela, Fiona, Robert or Owen – as soon as possible and no later than Wednesday 8th June if you plan to attend and how many tickets you require. If possible payment in advance would be welcome to minimise having to collect money on the day. Given that our numbers need to be finalised with the caterer by the 8th June anyone calling off after that date will not be guaranteed a refund or if still to pay may be asked for the stated amount unless another club member takes their place on the day.


Here is the list of our young athlete prize winners


U11 Boys Pos   U11 Girls Pos
Fearghus MacGregor 1   Eilidh Kennedy 1
Callum Young 2   Elysse Burke 2
Connor Scott 3   Millie Nicholl 3
U13 boys Pos   U13 Girls Pos
Sean Friel 1   Chloe Burton 1
Aaron Grew 2   Hannah Lang 2
Robbie Woods 3   Niamh Riggins 3
U15 boys Pos   U15 Girls Pos
Christopher McLew 1   Christie Dalgleish 1
Ryan Stephen 2   Lauren McEwan 2
Ruairidh MacGregor 3   Katie Moss 3
U17 Boys Pos   U17 girls Pos
Gavin Smith 1   No Award  
Eamon Carr 2      
Lewis Tracey 3      

Metorious Awards: Millie O'Donnel, Morven Crawford and Struan Paton