Willie Marshall 12/12/1927 – 30/9/2016

by David Cooney

I am sad to report that Willie Marshall passed away on Friday 30th September.  Our thoughts at this time go out to his family – his son David and daughter Carol and their respective spouses Fiona and Brian, grandchildren Lauren and Grant and great grandson Noah.  Willie was very much a family man.  His family including his wife Mary until her death in 2007 fully supported his running career.  When not racing he enjoyed going to the football with David to support their beloved Motherwell FC.
Willie had a long and prolific running career particularly from the age of 50 onwards at Scottish, UK, European and World level.  He won at least 10 Scottish Veteran track titles, 11 Scottish Veteran Cross Country titles along with 1 silver and 1 bronze, 14 UK Veteran track titles and 4 road titles, 4 European Veteran and 4 World Veteran titles while breaking 4 Veteran World records in addition to Scottish and UK Veteran records.  What an incredible and often unheralded list of achievements for such a quiet and unassuming man!  No one who saw him shuffling at a slow pace around the streets of Hamilton would have imagined the running stature of this elderly frail looking gentleman.  Willie may have looked frail but in running terms he was strong and determined and was a totally different athlete racing than when training.  He was a difficult man to drop and once he was in top gear he did not falter.  His maxim was to train slowly but to race regularly which clearly worked for him.
Willie represented Motherwell YMCA, Clyde Valley and Cambuslang Harriers from 1994 onwards.  His son David also took up running with Clyde Valley and later Cambuslang.  David posted the very respectable times of 8.42, 15.06 and 31.40 for 3/5/10K before his running career was cut short by injury.  Willie and David made Scottish Athletics history when they became the first father and son to compete in the same team in the prestigious Edinburgh to Glasgow road relay in the 1982 event.  Willie’s grandson Grant Sheldon, has recently shown that he has inherited his grandfather’s genes by winning this year’s World Students Triathlon Championship and gaining a European Under 23 Triathlon bronze medal.  Grant also competed for Scotland in the 2014 Commonwealth Triathlon Event and won the 2011 Scottish Cross Country Under17 Cross Country Championship when competing for Cambuslang Harriers. 
I first became aware of Willie when competing in the 1973 Clydebank to Helensburgh 16 mile road race.  This was my first attempt at the distance and I was surprised to be overtaken at the halfway stage by an apparently frail older runner wearing black plimsolls.  However, there was nothing I could do but let him disappear into the distance.  When he moved house in 1980 to near where I stayed we started training together on a Sunday and were accompanied by David, Tom Ulliott, Kevin Newberry and Donald Burt.  This continued for over a decade.  I also sometimes took Willie to races as he did not drive.  We were competing in the 1981 Sanquhar 11 mile road race which weaved its way from the splendid starting point of Drumlanrig Castle along quiet country roads into Sanquhar playing fields.  We ran the race together and the tranquil atmosphere of the day was abruptly shattered on entering the track for the run in.  We suddenly heard loud animated voices urging both of us on. Naturally Jim Brown and Peter Fox of Clyde Valley who had finished 1st and 4th were shouting Willie on as he was their 3rd and final counter for the team race.  I was the only competitor for Cambuslang that day but I found myself being roared on by the Springburn trio of Graham Crawford, Doug Gunstone and Alastair MacFarlane who had finished in 5th, 6th and 7th place.  Springburn were sitting on 18 points and would clinch the team title by 1 point if I finished ahead of Willie.  I duly beat Willie by 3 seconds much to the delight of the Springburn team who jokingly offered me an honorary membership of their club.  Willie was content to win the first veteran prize.  Coincidentally Graham was reminding me of this incident earlier this year when we met at a cross country event.
During all the time I knew Willie he never had a bad word to say about anyone and he was extremely modest about his superb achievements.  Although he retired from competition in the early 2000s due to eye and leg problems he continued light running.  In recent years he was not able to train but he was still out walking and could at times be seen be seen breaking into his shuffling running style to catch a bus.  He took great pride in seeing Grant compete for Scotland at the Commonwealth Games and on his recent European and World Triathlon successes.  Only a month ago he was delighted to receive a copy of the Scottish Veteran Harriers Magazine in which Colin Youngson, in collaboration with Willie’s son David, had written an excellent article on his remarkable running career.  Colin’s article serves as a most fitting and well deserved tribute to a Scottish running stalwart and with the permission of the Scottish Veteran Harriers I am pleased to include Colin’s article here.


the following profile appeared in the Scottish Veteran Harriers Newsletter earlier this year


(Willie Marshall had phenomenal success as a runner, especially between the ages of 50 and 70. When I won my first Scottish Vets XC title in 1988, Willie became M60 champion. We became nodding acquaintances, but he didn’t say much and, although he was well respected, I did not understand just how good he was. Well I sure do now; and can only marvel at the times he set and the titles he won. It is a real pleasure to profile him properly here. Ed.)
CLUBs: Motherwell YMCA, Clyde Valley and Cambuslang.
DATE OF BIRTH: 12.12.1927.
OCCUPATION: Invoice clerk –retired.
HOW DID YOU GET INVOLVED IN THE SPORT? I saw the local Harriers at Motherwell out and about and thought I would like to do that.
WHAT EXACTLY DO YOU GET OUT OF THE SPORT? I am no longer running due to health issues. However I did enjoy the fellowship, the travelling and the winning!!!
WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER TO BE YOUR BEST EVER PERFORMANCE OR PERFORMANCES? Winning my first World titles in Canada in 1994 at 10k and 25k on the road.
YOUR WORST? Anything that involved heavy cross country courses !!!!
OTHER LEISURE ACTIVITIES? As well as travelling to races, I used to enjoy many family holidays.
CAN YOU GIVE SOME DETAILS OF YOUR TRAINING? Long slow distance on the road – 50-60 miles per week. Raced every second week and that gave me the speed required.
The first mention I can find of William Marshall in the records is in November 1949, when he ran the First Stage of the Edinburgh to Glasgow Road Relay. He wore the vest of Motherwell YMCA, and it is fair to say that the club struggled at that time. In the 1956 Relay, Willie ran (his favourite) Stage Five, and Motherwell improved to 12th. Marshall ran Five again, every year from 1957 to 1962 – and his club recorded the following placings: 10th, 6th, 5th, 3rd and 1st! YMCA stars included Andy Brown and his brother Alec, Bert McKay, Tom Scott, Davie Simpson and, later on, John Linaker, Ian McCafferty and Dick Wedlock. No wonder they became the top club in Scotland. During their first victory in 1962, Willie Marshall ran Stage Three and gained five places. Motherwell YMCA won again in 1963 and 1964 (with Willie running 3); and in 1965, when Willie ran Five, ended up second to the superb Edinburgh University Hare and Hounds team, led by Fergus Murray. YMCA were third in 1966 (Willie on Three). However by 1967 the bubble had burst, and they finished 16th (with Willie on Four); and in 1968 could only manage 19th, when he ran the First Stage at the age of 40. Nevertheless, William Marshall must have been very proud to have played a stalwart part in the rise and fall of such a splendid club; and to have won three gold, one silver and two bronze medals in the wonderful E to G.
Although Willie Marshall was in no doubt that road was his favourite surface; followed by track; and only then country (especially mud), he did finish 58th in the 1964 Senior National, which made him Motherwell’s fifth counter and helped to secure team bronze.
William Marshall must have continued training and racing into the 1970s. The SVHC held their first cross-country championships in 1971, when runners aged 40-49 competed in the same race and there was no M45 category. He must have looked forward to turning 50; and once this had happened, twenty years of greater success began.
In the 1978 Scottish Veterans Cross-Country Championships, William Marshall (running for Clyde Valley AC) won his first title at M50. The following year he lost a close battle with Hugh Mitchell of Shettleston. However Willie returned to the gold standard in 1980 and was champion again in 1981.
When he turned 60, for four years he had no close rival, and (representing Motherwell YMCA once more) won four successive Scottish Veterans XC championships (1988-1991). Between 1993 and 1996 (running for Cambuslang) Willie reigned supreme and won another four titles, in the M65 age group. In total, he had collected an amazing 11 individual gold medals in this prestigious fixture!
An unusual  race participation for William Marshall took place in November 1993 at Lord Trehearne’s Estate outside Cardiff, when he ran for Scottish Veterans in the annual Five Nations International Cross-Country. The Scottish M60 team: Hugh Gibson, Willie Marshall and Pat Keenan (who packed well in 5th, 6th and 8th) won silver medals.
David Marshall, Willie’s son wrote: “My Dad had been successful before M50, picking up prizes in many events. However after this, more momentum was gained.
Between the age of 50 and 55, he won medals at Scottish and British level, especially on the road and track. An even greater change was in 1984, when he became European M55 10k road champion in Switzerland. The same year he won the British M55 1500m. In 1985, he won the British Vets M55 5000m title. 
Other highlights included the following.
1988: he won the M60 British Veterans cross-country at Irvine, after a close battle with Bob Belford (a World Vets 5000m bronze medallist). Then he was first in the Scottish Vets track M60 800m (2.33.0) and 1500m (4.55.3). Other victories included the British M60 road 10k and track 5000m championships. 
1989: he broke M60 World Indoor records for 1500m (4.49.5) and 3000m (10.18.6), while winning British Indoor titles. The same year he won the European M60 10k on the road; as well as the British Vets 5000m and 10,000m on the track; and 10 miles on the road.
1990: he was first in the British M60 10 miles road, 5000m and 10,000m track.
1993: he set another World record (M65) in winning the Scottish Vets 3000 Indoor in 10.32.28. He also won the British 5000m, setting a British record. Then he was first in the M65 European 10k Road championship in the Czech Republic; as well as winning the Half Marathon the following day!!!!!
1994: he won the World Vets M65 10k and 25k titles in Canada. In addition he was first in the British Vets indoor 3000m.
1995: he was first in the M65 European 10k in Spain (37.14); and also victorious in the Half Marathon (1.23.37), again on the following day. Earlier that year, he had won the M65 British cross-country title at Irvine.
1998: he won the World M70 10k road in Japan; and broke the World record in the British indoor 3000m. In addition he was first in the Scottish M70 Indoor 1500m and 3000m; and the Outdoor 5000m.
1999: in the British Vets track, he won M70 titles at 5000m and 10,000m
2000: he won the M70 World 10k road title in Spain (39.57).
Willie winning the 2000 M70 10k Road title in Spain
























 (As anyone who has competed from M50 to M70 will be only too aware, Willie Marshall’s list of titles and very fast times will be almost impossible to match. What an inspiration and formidable challenge for future Masters athletes in those age-groups! His development is interesting: from a club member who trained lightly; to a good club runner who avoided too much mileage but raced frequently for speed-work; to a brilliant veteran, who continued to train steadily and also to race at all distances from 800m to 25km. ‘Train, Don’t Strain’ was the philosophy behind Long Slow Distance. Not a bad notion for anyone wishing to run well after 50?) 
Bert McKay, who was a very important influence on the success of Motherwell YMCA, said: “Willie seemed to be a very light trainer but took part regularly in fast pack runs at the club on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He was a nice man, quiet and apparently frail but obviously much tougher than he looked. I remember one particular 5 mile road run I had with Willie just a week before one E to G. I was in good form but could not drop Willie at any time during the run! He was a lot better than he showed when he was younger.”
Peter Duffy (who was a good hill-runner and also won a medal in the Scottish Marathon) said: “I was a team-mate of Willie’s at Motherwell YMCA. On the road he was too fast for me and had a beautifully smooth, flowing style. When I was a club member, he only trained on his own and did not run at all on Sundays, due to strong Christian beliefs. He was respected for this and his fine running in the E to G.”
George Black (who has recently broken the British M75 20 miles record) wrote: 
“I remember Willie Marshall well. When I started running he was my target.
Remember first time I beat him was a 2 mile at Glasgow Green I was pleased although he was 11 years older than me!
One small anecdote. I was competing in a Yorkshire Vets 5K track championship when that fine runner, Gerry Spinks of Bingley, approached a group of us and asked for our assistance in his attempt to better the British Record for the event.
I asked who held the record and he replied, “some Scots guy.”
I correctly suspected it was Willie Marshall so my response was less than cordial.
He failed in his attempt. I think it likely that Willie still holds the British Road 10k record for M70 (which he set at Grangemouth).
I don’t suppose he will remember me but convey my regards.”

David Fairweather wrote:
“I knew Willie quite well. He was always quiet and unassuming, and seemed to train very slowly, but still produced the speed when it was needed in races. 
I remember asking him if he would run at the 1993 Masters Cross Country International in Cardiff. He said he wasn’t a XC runner, and didn’t think he was good enough! However I persuaded him to run and (at the age of 65) he finished 6th M60, a few seconds behind Hugh Gibson and two places in front of Pat Keenan, helping the team to win silver medals.”

Club Presentation Day Relay Races Results

Individual times from todays races that preceded the Club Awards

Young Athletes 2k
Keir Crawford       7:02
Michael Black       7:30
Fearghus MacGregor    7:34
Niamh Riggins     7:35
Robbie Woods    7:41
Liam Angeley     7:55
Christie Dalgliesh    8:01
Lauren McEwan     8:01
Callum Young     8:08
Millie Nichol      8:15
Ian Crawford    8:16
Lynne Angeley  8:17
Eilidh Kennedy     8:24
Lewis Roddis    8:30
Hannah Lang     8:32
Millie O'Donnell     9:26
Cara McDowell    9:58
Morven Crawford     10:31
Eloise Burke    13:00


Senior 3.68k
Gavin Smith     11:49
Iain Reid        11:53
Brian Douglas      12:38
Jaz Pal              12:48
Ryan Stephen      12:56
Colin Feechan    13:04
Dan O'Connell    13:13
Dew Pollok     13:18
Ian Nicholl     13:20
Paul Thompson    13:23
Des Dickson    13:25
Simon Gold     13:28
Mick O'Hagan   13:32
Stephen Phillips     13:35
Paul Kernohan    13:36
Tony McCutcheon    13:48
Alec Lamond       13:51
Kenny Finlayson   13:59
Frank Hurley     14:07
Dave Thom    14:31
Willie Fairley     14:36
Angus Smith   15:04
David Stirling   16:09

First three Ballot Teams will be added later, along with some photos 

Club Relays and Awards Presentation 11th June

Hi All,

the club is holding it's annual awards presentation at 2:00pm on 11th June in the club function suite, with a buffet being served at 3:00pm. The cost of the buffet is £5 per individual, £10 for two and thereafter there are some family concessions such as £14 for three, £18 for 4 and so on.

Prior to the presentation the club will be holding a road relay event with younger and older athletes competing together. This even will start at midday but athletes should arrive for  11:30am at latest, so that teams can be drawn up. Parents of younger athletes; hopefully your son or daughter will be able to support both events and that you yourself can attend both these events, or just the presentation itself.

Can you please inform one of the following – David C, Pamela, Fiona, Robert or Owen – as soon as possible and no later than Wednesday 8th June if you plan to attend and how many tickets you require. If possible payment in advance would be welcome to minimise having to collect money on the day. Given that our numbers need to be finalised with the caterer by the 8th June anyone calling off after that date will not be guaranteed a refund or if still to pay may be asked for the stated amount unless another club member takes their place on the day.


Here is the list of our young athlete prize winners


U11 Boys Pos   U11 Girls Pos
Fearghus MacGregor 1   Eilidh Kennedy 1
Callum Young 2   Elysse Burke 2
Connor Scott 3   Millie Nicholl 3
U13 boys Pos   U13 Girls Pos
Sean Friel 1   Chloe Burton 1
Aaron Grew 2   Hannah Lang 2
Robbie Woods 3   Niamh Riggins 3
U15 boys Pos   U15 Girls Pos
Christopher McLew 1   Christie Dalgleish 1
Ryan Stephen 2   Lauren McEwan 2
Ruairidh MacGregor 3   Katie Moss 3
U17 Boys Pos   U17 girls Pos
Gavin Smith 1   No Award  
Eamon Carr 2      
Lewis Tracey 3      

Metorious Awards: Millie O'Donnel, Morven Crawford and Struan Paton




While the O35 masters team had the satisfaction of beating last year’s winners Thames Hare and Hounds and bettering our time from last year by 67 seconds the Cambuslang sextet had to settle for a distant second behind an all star Morpeth team.  Indeed 5 of their team had competed for them in the recent UK 12 Stage Road Relay.

(images to follow)

Davie Cole, the Scottish Masters bronze medallist in his first season of club running, ran a controlled race over the testing 3 mile course clocking 16.00 minutes dead to hand over to Scottish Maters Cross Country Champion Kenny Campbell.  Significantly Morpeth already were heading the field with Thames H&H 2 places behind Cambuslang.  Kenny pulled strongly through to 5th courtesy of a 15.38 stint pulling Morpeth back by 28 seconds although Thames had moved up to 3rd.  Iain Reid’s identical time of 15.38 advanced Cambuslang’s cause to 2nd overhauling Thames.  However, Morpeth displayed their class with Peter Newton, the North East of England 10K track champion, recording the fastest time of the day (14.31) to extend their lead.  Kerry-Liam Wilson, multi Scottish Masters Champion and now in the M45 category, reduced Morpeth’s lead by 35 seconds (15.31) to hold 2nd place ahead of Thames who were still hanging onto our tail.  Any chance of pegging back Morpeth disappeared on leg 5 when Iain Hudspith, a former UK Internationalist and Commonwealth Games runner recorded the 2nd fastest time of the day with his 14.40 stint.  Both Jamie Reid and his London rival were timed at 15.57 as the race for the silver and bronze medals continued.  Going into the final stage the Cambuslang camp was quietly confident that the silver medals would be going home again north of the border as Robert Gilroy just turned 40 was launched into the fray.  Although Robert was coming back from an enforced rest due to an Achilles problem he covered the course comfortably to seal the silver medals with the fastest leg 6 time of 15.22.  Morpeth were worthy winners with a new course record while Thames H&H had pushed us all the way.  Our 6 runners can be proud of their performance with only 38 seconds separating them.  Simon Gold (18.17) running in the B team also gained useful experience in such a highly competitive race.  Club member Martin Williams running for his English club clocked 15.17 on the opening leg for 3rd place.  Kirkintilloch Olympians finished 21st in this race.

The M45 quartet of Tony McCutcheon (17.38), Chris Upson (17.50), Paul Thompson (18.09) and Mick O’Hagan (17.53) combined well to finish in a respectable 21st behind a strong 8th placed Kirkintilloch.

Unfortunately the M55 trio of Alick Walkinshaw, Frankie Barton and Colin Feechan were unable to retain the team title and had to settle for a plucky 4th.  A well balanced South London Harriers team won gold from Les Croupiers and Woodford Green.  Alick’s 18.07 had brought the club home in 8th with Frankie (18.09) moving up to 5th before Colin (17.54) had advanced Cambuslang to 4th.  Colin, nursing an ongoing hamstring problem, had moved us up to 3rd with a mile remaining.   However, with M60 world record holder Martin Rees (16.28) bearing down on him it was inevitable that Cambuslang was going to lose out on a podium place.   Again like all of our athletes at Sutton Coldfield they had given their all.

There was also a Scottish presence in the O35 women’s race with Dumfries finishing a creditable 7th.  It was a good day for race referee Archie Jenkins who witnessed his English and Scottish clubs seal a one, two in the men’s O35 race.  
It was again a great experience to compete alongside the cream of UK master athletes and to make an impression on this UK championship event.   It was worth the long journey in spite of Jamie, Kerry-Liam, Kenny, Iain and his dad Owen spending an extra 3 hours on the M6 due to a road accident and not getting into the hotel until just before midnight.  Apart from the exciting competition the banter and the camaraderie were excellent.  Finally Owen deserves a mention for his support on the day while awaiting his forthcoming hip operation.  Thanks is also due to Colin for organising our travel and accommodation as well as being one of our drivers along with Owen, Jamie, Tony and Paul.

David Cooney

ERRA 12-stage road Relays

(photo's to follow)

Two weeks after their outstanding success at the Scottish Road Relay Championships in Livingston Ronhill Cambuslang Harriers took on a different challenge. A team of youth and experience travelled to compete at the English Road Running Association 12 stage road relays. The event is held annually at Sutton Coldfield just outside Birmingham and is the premier road relay championship in the British calendar. In recent years the venue has been a happy hunting ground for RHC in British Masters relays but the 12 stage was a new experience for all the team members and the club’s first venture into the event this century.

Most of the team and supporters arrived at the race base in a local Sutton hotel on the Friday evening by car, with a couple arriving later by taxi from Birmingham airport. An evening meal was followed by a quick team meeting for final plans for the Saturday. Race day dawned with unseasonal flurries of snow and an overcast sky. By the race start at noon the weather had brightened but throughout nearly 5 hours of running the athletes faced weather conditions from all four seasons.
Over 60 teams started the race which takes place over 6 “long legs” of 5.3 miles and 6 “short legs” of just over 5K on a hilly course. Our first runner Ben Hukins took a safety first approach to the long leg and started steadily towards the back of the cavalry charge that followed the starting gun. The cautious approach paid dividends as he worked his way through to a respectable 23rd position to set the team up for the race to follow. Showing great promise for the future of the club, Cambuslang fielded 4 athletes still in the junior, under 20 age group. Two of these Ross Stephen and Ryan Thomson took legs 2 and 3 against some experienced competitors. They kept the team in contention with Ryan particularly running strongly to keep the club in the mix at 28th. 

Then followed our own version of the Campbells are coming, track specialist Alistair followed by name sake Alasdair eased the club up to 26th with Alistair having a short battle with Olympian Ross Murray from Gateshead. It was then another case of youth and experience from Cambuslang with youngest team member Scott Somerville followed by club stalwart Stuart Gibson making further progress as we moved up to 24th. This set up our fourth junior Craig Jardine for a storming leg moving the club through to 19th our highest and finishing position.

Long legs from the race club captain Iain Reid and Kyle McLellan, fresh from passing his driving test the day before, sandwiched big Ritchie Carr’s A team debut. All three ran solidly to pass the baton to super vet Stan Mackenzie to bring the team home in 19th, our best ever performance in this race. 

The team had used our Scottish rivals Central and Corstorphine as markers with the former finishing 10th and the latter 21st. Within the race all the team had their individual battles with athletes from across the UK and have their own tales to tell of a successful club performance. With the varied weather conditions over the course of the race it’s difficult to compare individual performances, however three of the athletes featured in the top ten for their individual legs. These were Craig in 2nd; Stuart in 6th and Alistair in 9th. 
Full results can be seen at http://www.race-results.co.uk/results/2016/nat1216.htm 

Thanks to the support team of Charlie Thomson, who had competed for Cambuslang in our last tilt at the 12 stage, Robert Anderson, Owen Reid and Pamela and Colin Stephen but special mention must go to 13th man Chris Upson who had the thankless task of being warmed up and ready all day “just in case”.

A great team experience that will stand the club in good stead for the future.

Mike Johnston   


PS – the runners and club supporters would like to thank Mike Johnston for his important role as team manager.



Sunday was a special day for Ronhill Cambuslang Harriers who captured the 3 men relay titles on offer while the ladies finished a very creditable 7th in their event.  The male and female races were run together with the junior/senior men and over 40 men running 6 stages whereas the over 50 men and women contested 4 stages. The athletes ran alternate short and long legs of 3.1 and 5.8 miles around a testing road and river path circuit in Livingston.









Club race day hopes were high as the junior/senior men had won 1 silver and 4 bronze medals in the previous 5 years, the over 40s had lifted 5 consecutive team gold medals and the over 50s 3 consecutive gold medals since the inception of this age group award in 2013.  However, fierce competition was expected at senior level from Central AC, Corstorphine, Shettleston and Inverclyde with Kirkintilloch Olympians the main opposition for the O40 sextet and Shettleston for the O50 quartet.








The junior/senior men race as suspected proved to be very open and competitive.  With pre race favourites Central missing 3 key men there was a feeling that they might be vulnerable even although they have quality in depth.  Corstorphine and Inverclyde like ourselves had managed to field our key athletes with Shettleston short of a few.  In the end after 26 miles of running only 61 seconds separated the leading 4 clubs with RHC prevailing over Central, Inverclyde and Corstorphine.  This gave Cambuslang its first victory since 2007.











On the opening short leg Iain Reid carried out his remit and kept the club in close contention behind Corstorphine’s Donald MacAulay to finish 8th in 16.08 with Stuart Gibson’s impressive 5th fastest long time of the day of 29.21 moving the club up to 4th behind new leaders Central after 2 legs.   Under 20 Craig Jardine continued his recent good form to record 15.41, the 2nd fastest time of the day, to take the club up to 3rd and only 9 and 7 seconds behind the 2 leading clubs, Inverclyde for whom Johnny Glen (15.30) had recorded the fastest time of the day and Central.  Robert Gilroy (29.41) who is only 3 weeks short of his 40th birthday and a survivor of the 2007 winning team displayed his usual grit and determination to lift Cambuslang  into the crucial pole position 8 seconds ahead of Calum McKenzie of Corstorphine with Inverclyde and Central still in contention.  On the final short leg U20 Scottish Cross Country Internationalist Ryan Thomson’s 3rd fastest time of the day (15.43) stretched Cambuslang’s lead to 36 seconds over Central’s Jamie Crowe with Corstorphine and Inverclyde 3rd and 4th.  It was now down to Kyle McLellan, the West District Cross Country Champion, to hold onto the lead as the 3 chasing clubs tried to reel him in.  Kyle had no recent form as his only race this year had been the Inter District Cross Country Championship in early January.   His lack of racing has been due to his long hours working as a Junior Doctor in Accident and Emergency and he had just completed a 63 hour week.  However, Kyle was up to the challenge and his solo stint of 29.36 was more than enough to give Cambuslang a 24 second victory over Central’s Dale Colley with the in form Andrew Douglas moving Inverclyde into the bronze position with his 28.41 time being the fastest of the day. Spare a thought for Corstorphine whose overall time would have been good enough to have secured a bronze medal in the previous 4 years.








Amidst the junior and senior men’s fluctuating competition the men’s over 40 race appeared to be more predictable after Cambuslang moved into the lead on leg 2 which they then maintained and indeed built upon to the finish.  Tony McCutcheon, Alick Walkinshaw and Mick O’Hagan, who were called upon to run the 3 short legs after a number of late call offs due to illness and injury including Frank McGowan pulling a muscle on the eve of the race, acquitted themselves well and with support from the first 3 finishers in the Scottish Masters Cross Country Championships contesting the long legs Kenny Macpherson, Kerry-Liam Wilson and Jamie Reid the Red and Whites secured a commanding lead over Kirkintilloch and Bellahouston RR who had their own close battle throughout.  Not surprisingly Kerry-Liam , Jamie, another member of the 2007 winning team and Kenny recovering from a back injury were the 3 fastest over 40 men with respective times of 30.56, 31.30 and 31.51 which contributed to the over 40 team finishing 12th overall.  It was a special day for Tony who in only his 2nd season in the sport won his first Scottish team medal and a gold one at that.







The most competitive race of the day, however, was the titanic struggle for over 50 supremacy right to the line between RHC and Shettleston.  After the 2 opening legs Paul Thompson and Chris Upson held a 19 second lead over Shettleston.  However, Shettleston’s Billy Coyle, a sub 30 minute 10K runner in his day, gradually reeled in Colin Feechan with the 2 of them running together until the Shettleston man prised upon a narrow 2 seconds lead.  Both men were rewarded with the 2 fastest overall times for the short leg with Paul 3rd fastest.  There was now a fight to the finish between 2 opponents not willing to give quarter to the other.  Both Stan MacKenzie and Andy Little were locked together until the final uphill sprint to the line.  At one stage it looked as if Andy had prevailed but a practiced well time sprint by Stan gave Cambuslang a 4 second victory over Shettleston.  Stan and Andy’s duel rewarded them with 2nd and 3rd fastest overall times with Metro Aberdeen’s Nick Milosorov, the current over 50 Scottish Cross Country Champion, recording the fastest stint and taking his club into the bronze medal position.
Cambuslang’s B team of under 20 Ross Stephen, Alasdair Campbell, Al Campbell, Simon Gold, under 20 Scott Sommerville and Dan O’Connell combined well to finish 21st overall.  It was good to see the non related two A Campbells ( Alasdair and Alistair) racing again and showing good form while the two under 20s did well as did Simon in his first season of club competition.  Dan who has just moved into the over 50 category continued his good form.







The final men’s team was composed mainly of runners new to competitive club running having come from a background of parkruns although Michael Barker in the final stages of his training for the Londom Marathon has had previous experience in this race.  The sextet of Steven Phillips, Michael Barker, Ken McInnes, David Scott, David Stirling and Paul Kernohan performed well and will have gained good experience for their future development in achieving 47th place.
The club also made history by fielding a lady’s team for the first time in this event.  Unfortunately Sarah Benson had taken ill in the days leading up to the race and had to withdraw.  This, however, allowed Jennifer Reid to move up from the B team to support Eve MacKinnon, Alex Lamond and Kirsty Anderson.  The quartet laid down a marker for next year to finish a very creditable 7th.  Under 20 Eve who had run for the U20 Scottish team in the recent Celtic International finished 3rd lady and Alex, a former U20 Scottish Bronze Cross Country Medallist handed over in 5th place to former European Silver and Bronze Sprint Triathlon Medallist Kirsty who came home in 7th place which Jennifer, in her last race before the London Marathon, held.
It was certainly a remarkable and unprecedented achievement for one club to win the 3 available men’s titles.  However, the celebrations were tinged with sadness particularly for the older club members as former member and one of our current 10K road race sponsors Jim Fitzpatrick had sadly passed away the day before.  The club would like to dedicate the 3 victories to his memory and to pass on our condolences to his wife Maeve, sons Tim and David and daughter Julie.







Many thanks are due to our runners, the coaches, officials and supporters including our photographers Colin Stephen and Alan Ramage who all played their part on the day.  I am reliably informed that the parents of 2 of our junior/senior gold medallists, Owen Reid and Charlie Thomson, dead heated in the unofficial 100 metres crutch dash.  Charlie, as competitive as ever, is claiming a moral victory as Owen had 2 crutches to his one.   John McCluskey too is to be thanked for volunteering to steward the event.  Well done also to the Road Running and Cross Country Commission with support from Alex McEwan and Lothian AC for their efficient organisation of the event.







Congratulations also to our under 13 boys team of Sean Friel, Brodie Aitken and Aaron Grew who won team bronze in Saturday’s Scottish Road Championships at Greenock.  Other club successes at the weekend came from Justin Carter and Lesley McArdle who were first male and female runners at the Tollcross Parkrun, Richard Carr second at Strathclyde in a pb of 17.35 and Simon Gold 3rd at Tollcross.  Davie Cole who turns a vet 40 next week won the Tay 10 Mile Race in a course record and pb of 55.09.  His next race will be the London Marathon.  Ben Hukins also set a course record when winning the 20K Dales Trail Race.  Finally well done to Kenny Finlayson who took over 20 minutes from his pb in the Paris Marathon in running 3.17.26.  Acknowledgement is also due to David Stirling for collating the weekend results.

David Cooney

Cambuslang Harriers to the fore in the Down by the River Races

The 10th Annual Down by the River 10K and 3K races sponsored by Achilles Heel, MacDet and BG Fencing were held in dry conditions in sharp contrast to last year's heavy rain.  Cambuslang impressively supplied the first 7 runners from the 172 finishers.


After a head to head battle between Robert Gilroy and Stuart Gibson Robert proved the stronger in spite of having raced and won the Stranraer  Half Marathon the previous day.  Iain Reid was a good third followed home by Ben Hukins, Gordon Robertson, Shaun Butler, first veteran O40 Frank McGowan and Gordon McIntyre.  Not surprisingly Cambuslang won the team prize.   The club also supplied the first veteran O60 in Sandy Eaglesham.


In the lady's race Hungarian athlete Fanni Gyurko who had finished 5th in the previous week's Scottish Cross Country Championship smashed the course record while finishing 13th overall in the race.  Alex Lamond from the host club was second and led Kirsty Anderson and Vikki Semple to team gold.  There was further success for our ladies with Lyn Angley securing the Veteran O40 prize.


Cambuslang runners were also prominent in the accompanying 3K event.  U17 athlete Gavin Smith led from start to finish with his U17 team mate Eamon Carr in third.  Both athletes had helped the club to win the Scottish Cross Country title the previous week.  U13 Niamh Riggins was second female to add to her Scottish U13 1500 metres bronze medal the day before.


Special thanks is due to Owen Reid for his role as race director with support from Iain Crawford and to Colin Feechan and Dave Thom who were responsible for race registration and results and to all our members who helped on the day to make the race a success.  The club also appreciates the continued support of our sponsors Achilles Heel, MacDet and BG Fencing and also to Morrisons' Supermarket who provided the post race water and fruit.  The final thanks goes to Motherwell AC who provided such a large turnout in the 10K and indeed to all our entrants.


David Cooney

3k results from the DBTR races

Copy of DBR 3K results 2016

DBTR 10k Provisional Results

Provisional results from our DBTR 10k have been updated and are attached after resolving the 2 outstanding queries, please let us know if there are any issues.

Updated Provisional Results



Ronhill Cambuslang Harriers retained the AT Mays Trophy awarded annually to the top performing male club across the 5 different age groups in the Scottish Cross Country Championships.  This is our 5th consecutive award of this trophy and indeed  the club has  won the trophy on 21 out of a possible 28 occasions.  This is an outstanding and perhaps unheralded achievement and one which all our runners, coaches, officials, parents and supporters can be proud of.

FalkirkXC 16-63735







Pride of place at the championship goes to our U17 boys who won team gold thanks to the sterling efforts of Struan Paton, Gavin Smith, Joshua Boyle and Eamon Carr who gave their all to finish 7th, 9th, 12th and 34th  with Lewis Tracey and James Duffy in support.  Our U15 boys and U20 men performed well to lift bronze team medals.  U15 Christopher McLew in 12th position led home the Cambuslang challenge with Drew Pollock 16th, Ryan Stephen 37th and Ruairidh MacGregor 38th.  Keir Crawford and Andrew Carey completed our runners in this age group.  Ryan Thomson who was just outside the medals in 4th place after a cautious start was our first U20 counter  with Craig Jardine 12th, Ross Stephen 31st and Scott Sommerville 38th with Brendan Carey in close attendance.

FalkirkXC 16-63732










Our senior and veteran men with a number of absences due to work commitments and injury finished a solid 4th.  Robert Gilroy only 8 weeks away from turning 40 put in his best national finishing position to finish 18th with Iain Reid, Jamie Reid, Willie MacRury, Kenny Campbell and Ben Hukins completing our counting sextet.  We had another 21 athletes cross the finish line – Shaun Butler, Stan McKenzie, Kenny O'Neill, Gordon McIntyre, Craig Harrow, Justin Carter, Simon Gold, Tony McCutcheon, Alick Walkinshaw, Des Dickson, Mick O'Hagan, Coiln Feechan, Dan O'connell, Paul,Kernoghan, Iain Nichol, Ken McInnes, Scott Hunter, Willie Fairley, Eddie Carr, John Kelly and David Stirling.  This was the first experience of running the national for a number of our athletes and hopefully they will be back next year for more enjoyment or was it punishment?

FalkirkXC 16-63641







In the opening race of the day our U13 boys finished a respectable 8th team due to the efforts of Michael Black, Sean Friel, Arron Grew and Robbie Woods.  Back up came from Euan McLew, Mark Cassidy and Liam Angley.

FalkirkXC 16-63189







There were also some good performances by our ladies.  Eve Mackinnon was a close 5th and only 10 seconds away from a bronze medal in the U20 ladies race while Sarah Benson only 11 months after giving birth finished an excellent 12th and with good support from Alex Lamond, Kirsty Anderson and Jennifer Reid the senior ladies achieved 8th place for their best ever finishing position.  Caitie Gorton Phillips was our 5th lady to finish.

FalkirkXC 16-13372








Niamh Riggins led the U13 girls home in a creditable 34th place and with Carla Fay, Shona Carey and Chloe Burton in support recorded 13th team.  Other U13 girls to finish were Hannah Lang and Maura McKinnon.   In the U15 girls race our first finisher was Christie Dalgleish in 48th spot followed by Lauren McEwan and Katie Moss.

Many thanks are due to our coaches for their hard work throughout the year in all weathers and to all our supporters on the day who offered their encouragement to our athletes.  A big thanks also to Barnie in his capacity as our tent or tentsman.  Also thanks to Scottish Athletics for staging the event.

David Cooney