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  1. Hi, This has brough back great memories for me. I was a member from 1982-85 and i cant believe some of the names are still there. It was great club to represent and i still have my vest today. Great to see Jim Orr and Bob Anderson still involved at the heart of the club. I managed to get a gold medal at both Youth and Junior man level for the team events which were down to Bob constantly telling me i can be better.

  2. Just came across the club website, brought back some fabulous memories.

    I was a member during the early 1960'. when Andy Fleming was very much to the fore,and despite the time passing, I still have my vest.

    I would like to point out that I was one of the group which represented the club in the 1962 Ben Nevis race, highlighted in the club history, and was delighted to note that Jim brownlie had continued to enter and celebrated 21 consecutive appearances ( one was enough for me ).

    Having moved away and lost contact, it's great to see the club doing well

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