Tempo Tuesday!

Hi All

Firstly a reminder that the winter schedule can be found here – https://cambuslangharriers.org/?page_id=804 –

Secondly, Tuesday 27th Oct sees our first "Tempo Tuesday" of the autumn, as you'll know it's the "Clyde Gateway" run colckwise, so the idea is, easy jog run up to the starting point as a group, have a chat, catchup on how everyone got on at the weekend, then as you pass the juntion of King St and Queen St switch to tempo run at up to 10k race pace, keep this going until you reach the big junction at London Rd/Fullarton Rd, catch you breath reassemble with those finishing around you, then gentle warm down back to the club.

map of the tempo section below, please take care at junctions, particuarly Dalmarnock Rd and also Springfield Rd.