DBTR 10k Entrants 2013

Race No. Name Club Cat Age Group
121 Robert Rossborough Ronhill Cambuslang M MSnr
122 David Munro Ronhill Cambuslang M MSnr
123 Graeme Kennedy Motherwell AC M MV40
124 Jill Logan Motherwell AC F FSnr
125 Troy Morgan Motherwell AC M MV40
126 Mike Murray Jog Scotland M MV60
127 Allan Mooney Clyde Runners M MV40
128 David Murphy Shettleston H M MV40
129 Louise Sutherland Giffnock North F FV35
130 Simon Barlow Central AC M MV40
131 George Fraser Annan & District A.C. M MV60
132 Siobhan Anderson Unattached F FSnr
133 Andrew Wodehouse Unattached M MSnr
134 Colette Ballantyne Achiles Heel F FV35
135 Neil Amner Giffnock North M MV40
136 Andy Madill Unattached M MV40
137 Niels Horsewood Unattached M MV40
138 Paul Tasker Unattached M MSnr
139 Ken Adamson Unattached M MV40
140 Terry Dolan Ronhill Cambuslang M MV60
141 Jaclyn Gilliland Unattached F FSnr
142 Peter Cunning Jog Scotland M MV40
143 Sean Reid Unattached M MSnr
144 Tom Ord Victoria Park CofG M MV50
145 Eddie Carlin Clyde Runners M MV40
146 Tracey Waddell Clyde Runners F FV35
147 Dougie Waddell Motherwell AC M MV40
148 John Burns Motherwell AC M MV50
149 Ritchie Birt Dumbarton AAC M MSnr
150 Lynsey McNicol Dumbarton AAC F FSnr
151 David Maciver Unattached M MV40
152 Mick O’Hagan Ronhill Cambuslang M MV40
153 Paul King Clyde Runners M MV40
154 Dougie Lambie Unattached M MV50
155 Pauline Henderson Unattached F FV45
156 Garry Henderson Unattached M MV40
157 Peter Blackmore Motherwell AC M MV40
158 Phyllis Hands Motherwell AC F FV55
159 Benjamin Hands Motherwell AC M MV50
160 Ross Christie Stirling University M MV20
161 Sandy Eaglesham Ronhill Cambuslang M MV50
162 Gordon J Gallacher Bellahouston Harriers M MV40
163 Gillian Allan Achiles Heel F FSnr
164 Robert Gilroy Ronhill Cambuslang M MSnr
165 Kirsty Grant Ronhill Cambuslang F FSnr
166 Dave Thom Ronhill Cambuslang M MV50
167 Alison Banks Unattached F FV50
168 Shazad Hakeem Ronhill Cambuslang M MSnr
169 Umar Ali Nike Running Club M MSnr
170 Stuart Gillespie Unattached M MV40
171 John Kay Clyde Runners M MV60
172 David B Smith Unattached M MV40
173 Mark Theobald Unattached M MV50
174 Frank Hurley Ronhill Cambuslang M MV60
175 Vicki Wright Motherwell AC F FSnr
176 Johnny MacNamara Ronhill Cambuslang M MSnr
177 Jayne MacNamara Bellahouston Harriers F FV35
178 Peter Jardine Unattached M MV40
179 Louise Mitchell Bellahouston Harriers F FSnr
180 Brendan Carey Ronhill Cambuslang M MU17
181 Rebecca Bonnomi Ronhill Cambuslang F FU17
182 Ross Stephen Ronhill Cambuslang M MU17
183 George Pettit Ronhill Cambuslang M
184 Brian McDonald Unattached M
185 Stuart McCandless Royal Mail Run GMC M MV40
186 John Devine Royal Mail Run GMC M MV40
187 Alex Rodgers Royal Mail Run GMC M MV50
188 Kirsty Anderson Ronhill Cambuslang F FSnr
3K Entries
200 Emily Greenan Unattached F FU17
199 Ryan Miller Ronhill Cambuslang M MU17
198 Euan Theobald Ronhill Cambuslang M MU11
197 Lauren Carey Ronhill Cambuslang F FU15
196 Drew Pollock Ronhill Cambuslang M MU13
195 Rachel Black Ronhill Cambuslang F FU15
194 Conner Ross Ronhill Cambuslang M MU13
193 Fraser Ebbit Ronhill Cambuslang M MU17
192 Niamh Brown Ronhill Cambuslang F FU15
191 Angus Smith M MSnr

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